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Regulations: Revised texts of all regulations, last and all previous versions, related regulations - lifted version, by-laws, similar titles, a comparative review of changed members, for the title in the published numbers, the official media, Attitude: case law, official opinions, comments
Data and methods
Data: statistical data, address books, Simple calculations: interest calculations, accounts and wages, Forms: contract models, modeled act - supported software to create documents in the legal and administrative transactions (contracts, lawsuits, appeals, decisions, ...); How: Procurement - the current tenders, supporting documentation
Other sources
Overview of content that is not an integral part of database Web regulations, and refers to the regulations, their implementation and change. Included are articles published on - official sites : Sites of government, ministries, courts and other official institutions; - sites other publishers literature; - discussion forums and blogs The results are professional edition ; Tabs periodic and ad hoc Published
Current information about rules and their application, pending or required changes in the legal system and legislation, news published - in the media - the official sites, - the sites of other publishers
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